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ETL & Data Migration
  1. ETL stands for the processes that enable companies to move data from multiple sources, reformat and cleanse it, and load it into another database, a data mart or a data warehouse for analysis, or on another operational system to support a business process
  2. The data used in ETL processes can come from any source: a mainframe application, an ERP application, a CRM tool, a flat file, an Excel spreadsheet
  3. Extraction can be done by using some standard tools or proprietary code or by creating flat files
  4. After extraction, the data is transformed, or modified, depending on the specific business logic involved so that it can be sent (i.e. loaded) to the target repository. The Transform process may require reformatting only, but most ETL operations also involve cleansing the data to remove duplicates and enforce consistency
  5. Epsilon has vast demonstrated experience in ETL activities spanning a wide array of large legacy systems and some of the world renowned ERP systems (MFG/PRO, Oracle, SAP, etc.). Epsilon has successfully executed ETL projects in both mid sized firms as well as some of global organizations
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