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Web Systems and CD Presentations:
Epsilon Technologies has demonstrated experience in offering various Internet/Intranet related services. Our experience highlights include the following:
  • Web Programming, Web Designing, Database Management, Web Hosting
  • Designing and Deploying large websites that change on a daily basis
  • Proven process for content creation and management
  • Demonstrated experience in deploying innovative and cost effective web-based business solutions encompassing various geographies of large business conglomerates
  • Experience in designing and deploying web-based e-learning module for professional communities
  • Experience in developing and deploying contents across multiple media;
  • The expertise for the development of Web Site / Web Applications includes static contents, 2D/3D graphics, animations, voice, video and picture clips.
  • The development of on-line queries, chat room, newsroom, e-mail, forms, shopping cart, etc. is part of the skill sets.
  • Designing CD presentations for conferences, exhibitions, product demonstrations, walk-through, annual reports, various corporate publications, etc. for many government bodies, MNCs and professional institutions forms a part of our on-going work
  ETL & Data Migration
  Custom Built Software Solutions
  Electronic Data Creation Services