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Banking Industry
Audit Management System
Complete automation of the Risk Based Internal Audit (RBIA) and Inspection function of the Banks.
Highlights include the following:
  • Automation of entire process – From conception till closure of audit
  • Extensive Features Supporting each stage of the Audit Process, Various Modules extensively covering different stages of Audit Processes including: Planning, Allotment, Inspection / Audit, Reporting, Reviews, Compliance and MIS
  • Facilitates Effective Tracking, Prioritization and Controlling of all Actionable Areas
  • Provision to define various rules and guidelines for the planning and conducting an audit
  • Real time status availability for all-India branches, controlling offices and the Central Offices
  • The system provides easy interface with other Systems like Finacle, etc.
An Integrated Complaints and Lead Management System for the Banks.
Highlights include the following:
  • ClientMatrix enables systematic recording, management and closure / redressal of all leads and complaint cases for the Banks
  • ClientMatrix software is easy to set up, is based on a web technologies, and permits a number of cross-references, search fields and full reporting capabilities
  • ClientMatrix provides for extensive provision for recording complaint details like Complainant’s Details, Category of Complaint, Complaint Originating Source, Complaint Description, etc.
  • Provision to generate automated letters / Mails like Acknowledgement letter, Forwarding Letters, Reminders, Special Letters, Final Disposal Letters, etc.
  • Provides Structured Complaints Follow-up Process including System-aided case tracking, Action Recording and next action plan, Incremental Build-up of the customers databank. etc.
  • Various reporting needs in-built in the system like Daily Reports, Weekly Reports / Monthly Reports, Statutory Reports, etc.
  • Analysis of complaints based on a host of criteria like Complaint Aging Analysis, Complaint Volume (Nature, Branch, Period, etc.), Complaint Pendency Status (Source, Officers, Zone, etc.), Complaint Disposal Rate, Complaint Checklist, etc.
General Administration Management System for Banks
Comprehensive System enabling process automation for General / Office Administration Departments (GAD and OAD Dept) of Banks.
Highlights include the following:
  • An integrated system enabling Centralized Management & Maintenance of all owned and leased properties of the bank including Commercial as well as Residential properties
  • Covers all stages of property management including purchase or lease, all types of taxation, legal aspects including litigation, regular maintenance / upkeep, empanelment of contractors for all possible maintenance work (civil, electric, furniture, renovation, plumbing, etc), contractual arrangement and fulfillment from all vendors, etc.
  • Coverage of extensive Property Details including details like identification, Ownership / Lease details, Acquisition details, Commercial Transaction details, legal transaction details, Area, Landlord Details
  • Provides for Multiple Classification of properties and has ready occupancy details as also Allotment of Furniture / Fixtures and other Asset Type
  • The system also enables to systematically record and maintain all types of Projects (e.g. civil, electrical, all Annual Maintenance Contracts, renovations, house-keeping, household maintenance, etc) along with comprehensive Project as well as the Contractors details
  • Includes in-built comprehensive Billing System as well as the Accounting System
  • Extensive reporting capabilities on a host of parameters
Integrated Accounting System for Banks
The Accounting System (Head Office General Ledger) for use at the Central Accounts Department of Banks.
Highlights include the following:
  • Total Automation of the General Ledger Functions including various Modules / Functions like Day Book, Auditor's Payment, Write-Off Proposals, Suspense Receipts, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets, etc.
  • Provision to record all Cash, Clearing and Transfer voucher (financial) records
  • Easy Provision to create Account heads and sub-heads - its codification, hierarchy and entry rules
  • Easy steps for transaction creation, its authorization and final posting
  • Provision for multiple debit - multiple credit transaction postings
  • Provision for batch posting of daily financial transactions
  • User defined setting and hierarchies of the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statement formats
  • Change and amendment possible at any stage of Balance Sheet preparation
  • In-built Auditor's Billing and Payments Module
  • In-built Write-Off Module enabling recording and scrutiny of the write-off proposals from the branches and its due amalgamation into the respective accounting heads
  • Provision to record intra -branch payment and receipt records
  • Provision of viewing / printing of ledgers based on the user defined period range
  • Easy error tracking and correction procedure
  • Complete Audit trail
Inventory Management System for Banks
A Comprehensive Inventory Management System for use at the Printing and Stationary Department at the Head Office as well as at multiple Warehouses and Godowns of the Banks.
Highlights include the following:
  • The Stationary Management System maps the complete business processes of the Printing and Stationary Department of the Banks including Purchase of stationeries, Supply to branches/regions, Stocking and managing of inventories, Selecting and empanelment of Suppliers, and finally Billing and Accounting
  • The main functionality includes maintaining all items description, Enquiry processing, indent processing, Purchase Orders, Dispatch, Goods Receipts Preparation, Transportation, Branch Acknowledgment, Inventory planning, recording and maintaining stocks across various go-downs / warehouses, and others
  • In addition, the system has other key features like Item Classification, Printing Norms and Rates, Paper Types, Enquiry / Tender Processing, Instrument Tracking, Stock Analysis, Consumption Analysis, etc.
  • The System is based on the Maker-Checker concept followed by most banks towards data posting, reviewing and authorization
  • The system is highly parameterized and strict validation controls ensure a high level of data accuracy while posting and processing
  • A thorough audit trail is maintained for the data posting and modifications
Online Balance Sheet Consolidation / Finalization System for Banks
A centralized Web-Based Balance Sheet Consolidation System for complete automation of the Balance sheet submission and finalization activities across all Branch / Office networks of Banks.
Highlights include the following:
  • Each Branch / Region / Zone connects to the system and submits their respective Balance Sheet data; Alternative the said system can also connect to the available balance sheet data source of the branches towards further processing stages
  • No separate data consolidation process for the Bank - as it takes place at the point of posting
  • Other System features include:
    • A Comprehensive Account Master (with extensive parameterization / rules)
    • Online Memorandum of Change (MOC) i.e. Change for Balance sheet data for any level and for any stage of finalization through an extensive online MOC feature
    • Online Balance Sheet Booklets i.e. Auto creation of Online booklets specific to Branch / Region based on the set parameter
  • Extensive Reporting and Analysis including printing of Balance Sheet / P&L for each hierarchy level and variety of checklists at each stage
  • Comparison of key performance indicators across the selected branches / regions and the given period range (like quarterly, half-yearly, yearly, etc)
  • Provision to easily create and modify formats for Balance Sheet / P&L / Schedules / other standard outputs
  • Lesser need for conventional communication (like telephone, fax, etc.) across the hierarchical levels as data and the status at any given point readily known and being also complimented by in-built mailing system
Online Branch Performance Analysis and Monitoring System
Enabling leading Banks to easily and conveniently monitor and analyze Branch performances on various parameters on a continuous basis.
Highlights include the following:
  • The system is aimed towards recording and analyzing the performance data of the Branches (as well as the Regions wherever applicable) - against the selected parameters and the given period (e.g. week, month, etc) - on an online mode, thus significantly reducing the time for data posting, data collection and data analysis
  • With the help of this system, the branches / regions will be able to conveniently post their weekly data on a structured basis
  • Alternatively, the system can auto upload the data through interfaces with the legacy system, Finacle, etc.
  • The system facilitates significant reduction on the time and effort that was otherwise required by the branches towards record-keeping, managing, manually posting and in addressing the regular queries with respect to the same
  • Some other features of the system include the following:
    • A provision to record both target figures as well as performance figures for the branch / regions against the various parameters and the period
    • A provision to add new parameters (for performance measurement) from time-to-time or to mark the existing parameters as ineffective as the case may be
    • To have provisions to scale the application in future so as to include many more features, analysis and hierarchy based on access and usage
Audit Management System
General Administration Management System for Banks
Integrated Accounting System for Banks
Inventory Management System for Banks
Online Balance Sheet Consolidation / Finalization System for Banks
Online Branch Performance Analysis and Monitoring System
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